Escorts in Belfast Sex-Guide

Belfast sex guide – all types of services: brothels, brothels, individuals, street prostitution, red light districts, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs and escort services in Belfast.

In the United Kingdom, prostitution itself (the exchange of sexual services for money) is legal, but a number of related activities, including offering in a public place, driving slowly to find prostitutes, owning or managing a brothel, pimping and aiding are crimes.

In England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, paying a sex for a prostitute who was “exposed to violence” is a serious violation (clients may be harassed even if they did not know that the prostitute was forced).

It is illegal to buy sex from minors (under 18), although the age of consent for non-commercial sex is 16.

About 200 women work as prostitutes in Northern Ireland. On average, women meet with 5 guys per day, and about 800 men in Northern Ireland visit a prostitute every day. The annual turnover of the prostitution industry in Northern Ireland is up to $ 55 million (35 million British pounds), of which a profit of $ 47 million (30 million pounds).

Red Light District of Belfast

The streets of Linenhall (Linen Hall) are considered the Belfast Red Light District. But there is no official red light district in the city, although some people want a place of this kind to appear.

Escorts and Sex Workers

According to a new study, about 17,000 men in Northern Ireland – 3% of the adult male population pay for sex every year.

The first kind of report on prostitution reports that criminalizing prostitution here will make the work of prostitutes more dangerous, it is unlikely to push buyers away and this is almost impossible for the police. Queens University interviewed 171 prostitutes via the Internet, of which 31 report that they live in Northern Ireland and 62 sold sex here. Others do not report where they live or provide services. 446 clients who paid for sex were also interviewed, 51 of them live here and 89 bought sex in Northern Ireland. 61% of sex workers believe that changing the law will put them at greater risk, 85% of sex workers believe that a ban on sex will not reduce sex trafficking, 2% of prostitutes supported the criminalization of sex, and 16% of clients said that changing the law will force them to stop buying sex.

On any given day, in Northern Ireland, about 350 women offer sexual services for sale.

In the past, you could see sex workers on the street or in clubs, fighting bad weather and taking risks, earning a living by lifting up your drunk skirts in the doorway or in a cheap room. Now almost all prostitutes have gone online.

A popular image of a sex worker in Belfast is girls from Eastern Europe or Asia brought to Northern Ireland by their compatriots.

Of the 17,000 men who buy sex in Northern Ireland each year, 84% used the Internet to search for sex.

Almost all prostitutes are women from Eastern Europe, but there are also prostitutes from France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, African countries and Latin America.

The average age of a sex worker in Northern Ireland is 30 years.

Street Prostitutes in Belfast

Most street sex workers have left the streets online. It is often much safer to have sex with call escorts, but still many people prefer to take pictures of girls on the streets of Belfast because they like the excitement and danger. Over the past 5 years, the number of people involved in street prostitution has decreased from 30 – 40 to about 20.

You will find street prostitutes in these areas in Belfast:

  • You can try to find street prostitutes along Ormeau Avenue (Ormo Avenue) not a short distance from the city center in an area known for its pubs. One possible place is the corner of Bankmore Street (Bankmore Street), which runs parallel to Ormeau Avenue (Ormo Avenue).
  • Near Holiday Inn Express at 106 University Street (University Street).

Online Sex Cams

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Strip Clubs and Private Dance Shows

Here is a list of strip clubs in Belfast:

  • Garden of Eden, Anne Street (Ann Street) – This is the best topless bar in Belfast.
  • Absolutely Fabulou, co antrim (Antrim), United Kingdom (United Kingdom), Telephone: +44 7971 068749 – The oldest Northern strip show and bachelor party organizer.
  • Brothels
  • Most brothels in Belfast are located in private apartments and usually few girls work in them. The number of brothels in Belfast is estimated at 50. Currently, many girls from Asia are employed in the Belfast brothel.

The price of sex in Belfast brothels is about £ 60-80 for half an hour, £ 80-120 for 45 minutes. £ 100-130 in one hour.

Erotic Massage Salons in Belfast

There are several really good erotic massage parlors in Belfast, where young and sexy girls offer sensual massage with manual relief or something more. Some erotic massage studios in Belfast offer only sensual massage and masturbation, but some salons also do full service. Almost always a massage costs £ 35-50 and additional services range from £ 20 to £ 100 depending on your desires. In places of erotic massage in Belfast, you should almost always pay a minimum of £ 50 for sex. In Asian massage parlors you usually get only Lingam Massage or Nuru Massage, but also in Belfast there are local massage therapists and girls from Eastern Europe who do Tantric Massage or even Prostate Massage.

Escort Services and Agencies

In Belfast, escort agencies typically charge £200 in 60 minutes. This is slightly more expensive than individual escorts, but some people prefer using agencies for a number of reasons.

Shemale Escorts in Belfast

There are not many trans-girls in Belfast and it is quite difficult to find them. Vanessa xxxl and Suzanna Trans work in Belfast and they are both very experienced shemale escorts. In general, Belfast is not the best place for a transgender lover, both of these girls often travel to other cities, so during your visit to Belfast there may not be trans-girls.

Gays and Lesbians

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights in the United Kingdom have evolved significantly over time, but are still slightly different among the laws of the four UK countries.

Almost the entire gay scene in Belfast is located just north of the City Center in the Cathedral Quarter.

Gay Saunas and Baths in Belfast:

  • The Pipeworks Belfast, 2-6 Union Street (Union Street) is a gay sauna near the Kremlin Club and Union Street Bar. This Belfast’s first gay / lesbian sauna offers almost everything a well-washed locals and visitors might need. Sauna, jacuzzi, steam room, video lounge and cafe make this evening haven very busy on weekends. Mondays only for women.
  • Outside Sauna, 1-5 Donegal Lane (Donegal Lane) – a place where bisexual men and gays can meet, enjoy, relax, be themselves, find themselves, find friends and have fun. Phone: 028 9032 4448. Website:

Bars and Clubs for LGBT:

  • Rainbow, Botanic Avenue (Botanic Avenue) 67-69
  • Union Street Pub & Restaurant, 8-14 Union Street (Union Street)
  • Award winning trendy gay bar in Belfast. Union Street (Union Street), a great late (from midnight to 6 am) club at night on Saturdays.
  • The Kremlin, 96 Donegall Street (Donegal Street) – Belfast’s best gay bar for men and women. The Kremlin is located on Donegall Street (Donegal Street).
  • Dubarrys, Gresham St (Gresham Street), Belfast (Belfast) – Dubarrys is located on three floors.
  • MYNT, Dunbar Street (Dunbar Street), Belfast (Belfast)
  • Former “The Parliament”, the first gay bar in Belfast. This is a popular gay dance club for men and women. MYNT is located on Dunbar Street, Cathedral Quarter.
  • Gay Cruising on the Street and Glory Hole’s:

Nearly all of Belfast’s gay cruising takes place in parks like College Park and public toilets. Some toilets have a glory hole, but finding them can be difficult.

Male Prostitution:

Of those who sell sex in Northern Ireland, the majority are women. However, in Northern Ireland there is an established sector of male prostitution, as well as a small number of sex workers – transvestites or transgender people.